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Gold Gyms – best way to achieve a healthier lifestyle

Food is necessary for us as our survival depends on it. We eat a balanced diet and keep ourselves fit by exercising. We need to burn those extra calories everyday so that we maintain our weight. Being overweight is a very grave problem as many diseases are associated with it. We tend to suffer from various heart diseases, diabetes, bones deformities and fluctuating blood pressure. This could be very dangerous.

Exercise has many benefits like it helps to control weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, manage the blood sugar levels, keep the insulin level balanced, helps to quit bad habits like smoking, improve the mental health and mood issues, keep the thinking, learning and judgment skills sharp, strengthen bones and muscles, reduces the risk of cancer, improves sleep, keep you sexually healthy and Increasing the chances of living longer.Gym is a place where you find all forms of exercise under one roof. The gyms are found in every city of India. The cost of working out in gyms is very high. The gold’s gym cost surpasses the cost of other gyms. There are many types of machines in gyms like the chest press, shoulders press, and cable now, biceps curl bench, triceps extension bar, leg press leg extension, abduction or adduction, abdominal crunch, back extension, cable tower, tread mill, cross trainer, cycle.

There are many forms of exercise like brisk walk, squats, lunges, push-ups, abdominal crunches, bent over row. There are many types of exercises found in gyms as aerobics, strength building, balance training, exercise to increase endurance, flexibility. There are many forms of exercise in home surroundings like jogging, climbing stairs, playing games, dancing, biking, gardening and swimming.

The gyms provide the basic exercise facilities and demand money yearly or monthly. The yearly membership is cheaper than monthly installments. Gold gym package prices are soaring high day by day. These gyms are flourishing as people are flocking in large numbers. These gyms are providing many services under one roof. They help the people to reduce weight, building muscle strength, eradicate various problems like fluctuating blood pressure, and control insulin levels. These gyms are safer than the long walks on road as there are chances of accidents. People who suffer from asthma cannot go for walk in winters as it is not safe for them so they prefer gyms. The gyms are also fit for girls and ladies as there are separate batches for men and women.

Meditation and yoga is another form of exercise which keeps you healthy. Serious ailments like insomnia, mood swings, gand increase in concentration levels are cured. Yoga has long term effects on our body. It tones our body and makes it look young. Yoga should be done in presence of an instructor. These instructors tell you the correct way of doing a exercise. Performing this exercise in a wrong way could harm our body. Though there are many videos on social media but still these exercises should be done in presence of an instructor.

Thus to conclude that in order to keep ourselves fit and healthy we should resort to some form of exercise whether at home or in gym. Burning those extra calories keeps your body toned. I think it is better to perform exercises rather than spending that money on doctors.