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3 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Teeth This Christmas

The festive season is well and truly here and that means you’re likely to be indulging in one or two festive treats, but did you know that this time of year is when a lot of people experience issues with their teeth and oral health in general?

During Christmas time, it’s highly likely that your consumption of sugar increases through drinking alcoholic drinks and all those delicious sweet treats and you’re also more likely to consume chewy or crunchy foods, so it’s important that over the festive season, you pay extra attention to your teeth. With that in mind, let’s take a look at 3 tips for taking care of your teeth this Christmas.

Stick To Your Oral Health Routine

Amongst all the partying and late night stop-outs, it’s really easy to just get into bed once you get home. But, however tempting it may be to skip your usual dental routine after a night out, it’s so important to make sure that you stick to your oral health routine as much as possible. This is your best defence against future damage you may cause to your oral health.

If you go to bed and skip brushing, then the sugary plaque on your teeth and gums sits there until the morning, which can affect your enamel and cause bad breath. If you have Invisalign aligners, try to do your best to remember to wear them during the night, but avoid putting them on over unbrushed teeth for long periods, as this can cause cloudiness or staining on your aligners, which your dentist in Milton Keynes might not be too pleased about!

Cheese, Turkey and Nuts Are Friends!

Although there are plenty of festive treats which aren’t the best when it comes to looking after your oral health and teeth in general, there are some snacks and foods which are good promoters for your oral health. Fancy that cheeseboard for dessert? Go for it – cheese is a great snack to enjoy as it helps your mouth to return to its natural acid balance, which then reduces the risk of you developing tooth decay. Remember though, if you have metal braces, dentures or dental implants, be very careful or completely avoid consuming nuts so as not to damage your teeth!

Nuts are also great snacks (so long as they’re not the candied kind!) as they have very high amounts of fibre, folic acid and calcium, amongst other vitamins. Turkey is a good choice for your Christmas dinner as it is high in protein and phosphorus, which are good components for fighting against tooth decay and helps to strengthen your teeth.

Freshen Up With Gum & Mouthwash

If you’re going between work and parties, or heading out Christmas shopping, then you will likely want to freshen up before heading out or when mingling with friends and family. Sugar-free gum is a must-have at this time of year, not only to help freshen your breath but because it helps to promote saliva production in the mouth, which then helps to stagnate tooth plaque after eating and drinking.

It’s always best to consult with your dentist in Solihull before adding mouthwash to your daily health routine, but using mouthwash after eating and drinking can help promote good oral health – be sure to swish it around your mouth for 30-40 seconds and avoid rinsing your mouth afterwards, as you’ll just wash away the fluoride which is there to help.