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Can How You Sleep Lead to Back Pain?

If you suffer from any kind of back pain, then you know how painful and debilitating it can be. It is thought that around 31 million people in the US alone experience back pain regularly, and this picture is reflected around the world. In fact, it is thought that back pain is one of the most common medical conditions around that impacts on people’s lives each day. This makes being able to diagnose and pinpoint the cause of an individual’s back pain key. If this is done, then steps can be taken to hopefully reduce it or eliminate it altogether.

One very common cause of pain in the back area is how people sleep. Just how does this happen, and why does it have such an effect?

Posture and time

The posture that you adopt when you sleep every night has a major impact on your body. If you sleep in an awkward posture that is not good for your back, then you will stand every chance of experiencing back painthe next day. This is due to how you sleep putting pressure on your spine. If you sleep in this way every night, then it will really begin to take effect. Over time, this can lead to acute back pain and can be the reason why you feel so tender in this area.

The time that we spend asleep also comes into the mix. Most of us will get around eight hours each night, and this should leave you feeling great when you wake the next day. If you are stuck in a bad posture for the whole eight hours though, then the opposite can be true! Being in a posture that is bad for you for that amount of time each night will only do you more harm than good eventually.

What you sleep on also has an effect

When it comes your sleeping habits affecting your health, what you sleep on also comes into play. Pillows are a classic case in point here. If you use quality pillows from tonightsleeplabs, then you are giving your neck and shoulders the support they need when resting. If you do not use the right pillows, then undue strain is put on them, which could actually cause back pain in the long term.

The same is true for the mattress you sleep on. You should have one that is firm enough to support your body when asleep and protect it from stress or strain. This is particularly true when thinking about back pain – if your mattress does not support your spine properly, then it will end up causing problems eventually.

How you sleep is key to health

We all know that sleeping well each night is critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What you may not know is just how important it is to sleep in the best way possible. Flopping down in any old position on a worn-out mattress or pillows every night is not the best way to go about it. If you take steps to sleep in the best way possible, then you should wake up feeling awesome every morning.