Which Diet to Follow To Lose Weight

This article is for the people who blindly follows any diet without thinking about the basic body needs. Dieting is good, but it will help you only if you are providing everything your body requires. You should not cut any nutrients in the name of diet.

You can go for low-carb diet as it brings your body to ketosis (a process that begins when insulin levels are low. Usually before eating)which burns the stored fat for energy. If you are consuming more carb food, then the carbs will be used for energy and the fat will be stored in your body itself. This is the basic thing for your weight gain with accumulated fat. This is also the basic thing for your fat loss with any low-carb foods as because of the unavailability of enough carbs for energy, the fats will be used for energy production.

If you eat carb foods, then it will get digested fast and you will feel hungry soon. If you are consuming foods that are low in carb and fat, then it will take time to get digested and hence you will not feel hungry for a long time.

It is all about control. If you can control yourself by limiting the food intake, then you can have carb foods as well. But if you are out of your control, then you should go for only fat foods  and low-carb foods.

All the diets will provide you only low-carb foods and hence it is OK to eat little carb foods than no carb food. But again, you should control yourself in the food intake.

Most physicians will not support low carb diet as you need carbs for your proper body functioning like the other nutrients. Fat is also required for your body even for the better health of skin and hair.

If you are dieting no more (after some time losing weight), then you will gain the weight back. If it is the low carb diet that you have followed, then you will gain the weight fast and if it is the low-fat diet, then you will gain back few pounds as well.

In long term perspective, you should have both fat and carbs in your food and control the calories consumed (maintain the healthy amount of fat and carb in your food) and also do some exercises. This will help you in maintaining the body weight in a healthy manner.

Simply saying, just have some balanced diet.

A Bad Diet

The Food Standards Agency’s 8 guidelines for eating well are:

Cut down on saturated fat and sugar

Base meals on starchy foods

Don’t skip breakfast

Drink plenty of water (Some benefits of drinking water)

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

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Try to eat less salt – no more than 6g a day

Eat more fish

Get active and try to be a healthy weight

Have you started any diet by now? If yes, then what kind of diet it is? Share with us in the comments.