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Trusted Care: A Reality

Getting the right caregiver is easier said than done. Especially for people who have an illness or undergone surgery. In such times, you need help to cook, finish daily chores and even take you to the doctor. In some circumstances, we call upon family members and neighbours to help around. What if there is a way to get their help officially and let them also earn during the process?

CDPAP – A New York State Medicaid Initiative

CDPAP or the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is designed to help people who require personal caregivers. According to the initiative, consumers of Medicaid can choose and hire their caregiver in the state of New York. You can get your friends, family members, neighbours, etc. on board as a caregiver. The benefit – you get the care and comfort of a known person and they get paid for it.

The process to apply for the program is simple, you enrol for the aid and choose the caregiver who gets paid for taking care of you. To ensure that the process takes place smoothly and the chosen caregiver gets paid on time, you may need to use a Fiscal Intermediary such as Freedom Care to handle the process.

Features of CDPAP

Though the application process is simple, there are a few eligibility criteria for getting help via CDPAP. You can also approach Freedom Care or other such agencies that can explain everything down to the fine print.

You can apply for CDPAP if you:

  • Have Medicaid in the state of New York
  • Require home care post-surgery, illness, disability or old age
  • Can self-direct or have a representative that can direct your care

The benefits of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) are:

  • Get the comfort and care from a known face while they get paid
  • All the costs are borne by Medicaid. Patients don’t need to pay any extra cost
  • Provision to extend the hours by offering overtime fees for caregivers
  • CDPAP caregivers can provide more than the limited tasks and medications a classic home aide would
  • They can make the home health care efficient and enjoyable for the patient
  • Assurance of caregivers listening to the patient that leads to overall better health care and reduces the need for a nursing home
  • A trustworthy caregiver can help in improving the mental health level as well. They can also keep an eye on potential health issues or hazards that can be caught at an earlier point, thus reducing the need for complicated care significantly
  • Option to register multiple caregivers from the known circle. This helps in getting a backup when one of the caregivers is unable to visit you. All caregivers will be given equal training and payment depending on the number of hours spent

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

A Caregivers Guide for CDPAP

Becoming a caregiver under the CDPAP Personal Assistant program is not complicated. CDPAP can benefit parents, siblings, friends, relatives and neighbours. You can be a chosen caregiver if you are:

  • An adult who is legally able to work in the state of New York
  • Not applying for a spouse
  • Not the designated representative of the applicant
  • Applying to look after a child younger than 21
  • An immigrant with legal status and paperwork

If you have met the requirements above, all you need to do is:

  • Get trained for home care by experts such as Freedom Care. There is no pre-requirement for health training or certification
  • Undergo a full exam by a doctor for TB test and bring proof of immunity towards Measles/Rubella
  • Depending on the requirement of the patient, a CDPAP Personal Assistant is not limited to home care. You can also perform other tasks that a registered nurse does, such as giving oxygen and injections

Why Should You Sign Up With a Fiscal Intermediary?

Becoming a caregiver under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) with the help of a fiscal intermediary such as Freedom Care has multiple benefits such as:

  • Get paid on time, paid sick time, get overtime and even receive paid leaves and disability. You can also enjoy some of the best health benefits in New York without any monthly fee
  • Certain city caregivers also get health insurance coverage without any monthly fee. Higher value plans are also available at an affordable rate through the agency
  • Receive paid vacation or sick days that can accrue up to 40 hours
  • As a registered caregiver, you will be eligible for a 401(k)-retirement package. Some top agencies contribute an equal amount of contribution if you choose to put 3% of your pay to your 401(k) account, absolutely free of cost.