Tips for Men to Stay Healthy in Middle Age

Tips for Men to Stay Healthy in Middle Age

Gentlemen: your forties can and should be a very rich time in your life. Unfortunately, when you hit the big 4-0, your body has aged to the point where it’s not running at the peak performance it did in your twenties and thirties. Giving up and resigning yourself to this is the worst thing you can do. Here are some tips to turn back the clock and stay healthy as you age gracefully!

Never Skip Your Annual Physical

Hopefully, you’ve been seeing your doctor for a wellness checkup every year of your adult life. If not, it’s crucial that you start now. You need to have a clear and honest picture of what shape your body is in. This also gives you a chance to ask questions to your physician about treatments for common middle age medical issues, like a hair loss prescription or erectile dysfunction cure Seattle.

Focus on Cardio

Heart disease is the top killer of men in the United States. Keeping your heart healthy in hopes of avoiding it and being susceptible to heart attacks is critical. The best thing you can do is train it to work well through cardiovascular exercise. It doesn’t have to be intense; a brisk daily thirty-minute walk can help keep the blood flowing. Bicycling, running, swimming or elliptical training are also great options if you want to step it up!

Keep Your Vices in Check

This is the time of your life where you’ll start to see the effects of bad habits, like indulging in fatty, fried foods, or abuse of cigarettes or alcohol. Moderation is vital to a balanced diet. Try to introduce more fruits and veggies through smoothies for breakfast. Get good fats through fish and olive oil. Limit your drinking to a few beers once or twice a week. If you’re still smoking, look into cessation products.

It’s called “middle age” because you still have half your life in front of you! These tips will help you stay healthy enough to enjoy it.