Make Your Dog Collars Look Amazing With These Tips

Make Your Dog Collars Look Amazing With These Tips

A Collar is an absolute necessity for a dog, as it ensures the safety and identification of your dog. Serving more as a functional purpose, it also adds to your dog’s look. In most cities, it is legally required for you to walk your dog on a leash, or else people may find it to be a stray. With so many options available at the pet store, it is a good idea to match your dog’s breed to the right collar type. Several collar types have pros and cons that mean a safer and more enjoyable walk for both.

If you are fond of dog accessories, choose some impromptu gifts like a Dog jigsaw puzzle in Australia. You can also buy unique collars for your dog. From leather bow ties to patchwork pieces, choose collars that can keep your dog safe and stylish. You can match your dog’s collar to its personality, so here we are listing some unique ways to create fantastic dog collars that can fit in with your canine’s personality.

1. Custom Dog Collar with Pets Name and Number

Never lose your pet again! Get a dog collar that has your pet’s name and phone number on it. Then if your pet ever gets lost the finder will be able to contact you straight away. This reduces much stress and anxiety for you and your pet whilst also avoiding the pound and its costs! Smoochy Poochy has a large range of personalised dog collars, check them out!

2. Crafting Fabric Wrapped Collar

To give a personalised touch to a dog collar, you can craft a court fabric to your dog collar and wrap it with a D-ring. This fabric can give a different look to that collar. You can even custom dog collars according to the sizes that fit the dog’s neck.

3. Adjustable Dog Collar

An adjustable dog collar is also a great option that can help you find the exact amount of the material and bring on an adjustable dog collar that can coordinate with the perfect fit of your dog. You will need a bit more skill to do it yourself, but with a lightweight fabric and basic supplies, you can create an incredible and durable dog collar for your active dog.

4. Bandana Dog Collar

A unique way to give a fantastic look to a dog collar is by thinking out of the box. You can create a fun way to accessorise it by sewing cloth, deriving a bandana collar to a ring, and connecting it with your dog collar to include a functional purpose to cater to any weather.

5. Braided Dog Collar

Introduce a braid dog collar that is incredibly durable for all seasons. You can even set your dimension and give it some collared patterned paracord to ensure the best collar for any dog. You can even design and customize according to your type of dog.

6. Leather Dog Collar

A leather dog with a removable bow tie can be an excellent option for dog owners who are beginners in handling pets. It is one of the smoothest dog collars available in different colours, and that can look gorgeous on any dog breed.

7. Soft Touch Dog Collars

For adding a style and look to a dog collar, you can add some soft-touch hand-stitched leather or a padded one that can ward your pet from any irritation. Moreover, it also prevents the dog’s neck from dryness and stops them from rubbing those areas. Such comfy collars can look amazing and be ultimately comfortable, thus making them one of the genuine dog collars.

8. Pet Safe Dog Collars

If you have a particularly rowdy dog, buy dog collars meant for safety purposes. Use them until your dog gets fully trained, and simultaneously help yourself control your dog more without straining its back. You can go for a harness where the leash attaches to your dog’s chest and have some convenient features.

9. Puppy Bumpers Dog Collars

Elate your dog with a puppy bumper or a smiley face collar that ensures your pup can’t slip through any fence openings and provides flexible and easily adjustable features. Thus, they can stay safe and stylish at all times.

The Bottom Line

With the unique collars playing a significant role in dog safety and are used for proper training, you can add a little extra care and effort to choose the right type of collar for your dog. By creating custom collars, you can keep your pet dogs safer and happier. A sturdy collar and a good leash can make your dog unique and encourage them to meet those rules. So, choose a collar like standard buckle collars or regular flat collars that automatically adjust to the width of your dog’s neck and reduce the chances of your dog from attacking someone.