Keep Healthy While Losing Weight

The first that comes to mind for many people when you mention weight loss is dieting, cutting back on calories and skipping meals. Rarely do they think of getting healthy while taking off weight. Here’s some sensible ways to lose those extra pounds while staying healthy.

Once you’ve decided to go on a weight loss or diet program the first stop should be to your Doctors office. Your Physician will be able to recommend good safe heath practices and things to avoid in regards to any existing or potential medical problems that may arise. He may also know some support groups in your area.

Two of the best things you can do in your weight loss program is to eat healthy nutritious meals and get enough physical activity during the day. Staying healthy and fit does wonders for your body’s fat burning system.

The next step is to locate and organize any resources you find regarding healthy weight loss you find in recent books, recent magazines and reliable on the web resources. Also keeping a food diary is a good idea. Record the foods you ate, when you ate it, how you felt after eating, etc. you may be able to recognize emotional problems or other bad habits that’s keeping you from losing the extra weight.

Drink enough water throughout the day. Water is a great natural appetite suppressant and acts like a natural diuretic. Having a glass of water before meals and snacks gives a sense of fullness and you may eat less.