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Great Gifts for Medical Students

The global pandemic has taught us just how important healthcare workers are. If you’re fortunate enough to know someone studying medicine to become an essential health worker, there are ways you can thank them and show your appreciation for what they do. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to show your support, the following are just a few gift ideas for the medical student on your list.

Tech Gifts

Any student, medical or not, will always appreciate gifts that have to do with technology. From a new laptop to a cloud service for digital photo storage, you don’t need to be a medical student to appreciate gifts like unlimited photo storage, a strong internet connection, a new mobile device or app, or even an external drive. The best way to buy a tech gift for a medical student on your list could be as simple as asking them how their studies are going and listening to what they’re struggling with.

Maybe the medical student on your gift list is having a hard time navigating a syllabus on an iPhone and could use a different digital device to access class information. Something as simple as buying them a software program or refurbished laptop could be a great way to support their education.

Gifts for Self-care

Being a student can be stressful. Especially in the middle of a global pandemic, many students forget to take time to do things to improve their quality of life. While they’re studying how to one day offer minimally invasive pain management education to patients, they make the mistake of thinking about their own mental and physical well-being. Whether juggling work with school or focused entirely on studies, one way to help a medical student on your gift-giving list is to consider ways to encourage them to unwind.

Maybe you’re struggling financially due to the uncertain economy but are an Amazon Prime member. Something as simple as giving them your login information could open them up to Amazon Prime videos for nighttime relaxation. Other self-care gifts could include putting together a photo book of memories to remind them to make new ones, a gift certificate to the chiropractor for chronic back pain care, a shout-out on social media or a virtual event celebrating their achievements, or even a box of Blu-ray discs for weekend movie nights.

self-care gifts

Gifts for Work or School

If you’re set on a gift that honors your medical student’s special interest, think about items you could buy for work, clinical rotations, or school. For nurses, there are never enough scrubs and having extras could save a lot of time at the laundromat. Future paramedics might appreciate a pair of steel-toed boots as something they could use during ride along trips. For graduate level students deep into their capstones, think about additional storage options for external drives or backup software to keep their hard work safe.

Most students are on a budget while in school. This reason alone might make it worthwhile to ask the student what they need. While surprises are fun, now might be a better time to support your student with a gift to make their life easier in the moment. Even paying a utility bill or buying a book they need for school could be something they appreciate.

a challenging medical program

Whether purchasing a gift for self-care or to help the medical student on your list get through a challenging medical program, taking time to consider their daily lifestyle and needs is a great first step in finding the perfect gift. Happy gift-giving to you! Be sure to include a personal message thanking them for taking this important step toward making a difference in the world.