Elimination Diet Cookbook Review

For people on a diet, the challenge mostly lies in creating an effective meal plan that will enable people to stick to their diet program.

Elimination Diet Cookbook was created by Dax Moy for this exact same purpose.

When its time to eat, simply flip over the cookbook and choose the meal you want to take for the day – and you wont have to worry whether the meal is allowed or not.

The cookbook contains over 100 recipes you can choose from, ensuring that you have a good variety of meals that will last you for the entire week.

The problem with most diet plans is that their meal plan is too restrictive with users often ending up eating bland or unpleasant-tasting foods.

These types of diet are also the most difficult to sustain – creating problems for you in the long run.

Elimination Diet Cookbook on the other hand provides a wide variety of appetizing recipes that provides not only good food varieties but balanced nutrition as well.

The type of meals provided ranges from your favorite salads, to soups, sweets, casseroles, curries, plus enough fruits and vegetables.


1. Purchasing this cookbook will give you access to free monthly updates that includes new recipes as well as other useful information that will be good for your health

2. Aside from providing delectable recipes, the cookbook provides an accompanying performance-based training program for exercises that you can do to enhance results.

These arent hardcore workout trainings but rather simple ones such as leg extensions and abdominal crunches – basic exercises that can help you improve your fitness level.


1. While the concept behind the recipes suggested in this cookbook are brilliant, some of the meats used in most recipes are difficult to obtain even in the United States as selling these kinds of meat are bound by certain restrictions.

2. If you do opt for a vegetarian alternative, you will have to cut back on meat from your diet in the future.

3. Some of the ingredients are not readily available in your local groceries, citing only “health food stores” as to where you can buy these products.

4. Since this book was authored by two nurses from the UK, most of the recipes are suitable only for people from the said region and may not be practical for people from other countries.

This is largely due to the difficulty in finding most of the ingredients used in the recipes, which are native only to UK.

There are some alternative ingredients that you can use to replace these hard-to-find ingredients though – you just have to be creative when sourcing for such ingredients.


If you were given the choice to select a good diet cookbook for the convenience it offers, the Elimination Diet Cookbook provides exactly just that.

What could be better than flipping through this book in search of a recipe that you can easily prepare – without going through the notion of planning or trying to find out if your choice follows the nutritional and dietary guidelines of your weight loss system?

However, there are certain limitations to the recipes contained in this cookbook, such as the inaccessibility of some ingredients that are vital to the preparation of these meals.

If you really want a diet cookbook that will provide much-more convenience without sacrificing its impact on your diet, then there may be other better cookbooks available in the market.