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Different Questions About Commissaries

Many people who are new to shopping at the Pittsburgh commissary have questions about the store’s little quirks. Here are a few of the most common questions about shopping at commissaries. 

Who Shops at Them?

The Defense Commissary Agency has reserved these stores for military personnel as a special bonus for their service. Therefore, you must have a military ID with you to purchase any items. Most of the time, an employee will ask for your ID when you enter the store. Other times you won’t be asked until checkout. Either way, you have to scan your ID at checkout. 

How Are They Different from a Grocery Store?

Grocery stores are selling food to make money. However, commissaries do not and sell their items at wholesale prices. 

Is There a Way to Tell if Certain Items Are Cheaper?

One way to see what items are available at better prices at commissaries is to visit the store website. You will have to log in to the site with your name, date of birth, and social security number. Then, you can look through a store’s offerings. All of the items will be displayed with their price, size, and percent savings. 

Why Are You Charged a Surcharge?

While commissaries don’t charge food tax, they operate because of a 5% surcharge. This money helps with maintenance and building new stores. The surcharge is calculated based on your total before any coupons are added. 

Can You Use Coupons?

You can use coupons, but most commissaries have different rules concerning them. Commissaries will let you use both store specific and manufacturer coupons. However, you can only use one type per shopping trip. That means you should go through them and pick whether you use commissary or manufacturer coupons before you shop. 

Shopping at a commissary is a big advantage for people who have served in the military. They offer discounts on most food items and an easy way to find cheaper items.