Cosmetic surgery in Moldova, get best quality for reasonable prices

Cosmetic surgery in Moldova, get best quality for reasonable prices

The area of cosmetic surgery is on the rise in the last decade. As far as the quality has gone up, the prices are still reasonable, though. However, it is vital for the patients to choose a good clinic and a great doctor for the needed procedures. How can one make the best decision? Of course, based on experience and people’s reviews.

Plastic surgeon Anatolie Taran has over two decades of experience in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine. In these 20 years he has built a reputation in Chisinau, due to his ability to remove physical defects that lower the standard of living of patients and diminish their self-confidence. The surgeon is a follower of continuous improvement and considers that a good beautician is always up to date with the latest trends in his field (but also in pharmacology and psychology, to offer patients the best treatments).

Practical skills are extremely important for every patient who crosses the threshold of a clinic specializing in aesthetic medicine, but the final decision is made by the patient after a detailed consultation, based on effective communication. The doctor-patient relationship is all the more important in plastic surgery, due to the strong psychological component and the effect that plastic surgeries have on self-confidence. An interaction based on trust starts from the doctor’s attitude towards the patient, the respect for him, the doctor’s ability to listen and understand the patient’s needs, expectations and perception of beauty.

Plastic surgeon Anatolie Taran

Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery can bring the patient’s life to a new level of comfort, but also radically change it for the better. Not only those driven by the desire to be more attractive are looking for a good plastic surgeon, often his talent is needed to correct birth defects, large scars left by deep trauma or loss of body parts, such as mastectomy. Such patients, stepping on the threshold of a plastic surgeon, finally have the chance to lead a normal and whole life from a physical, psychological and social point of view.

Cosmetic surgery is a rapidly developing field of medicine and it is incorrect to consider that it is based on commercial interests. People have always strived for the ideal, for the pursuit of beauty and appreciated what is pleasing to the eye, trying various methods to achieve these goals. As long as health and beauty go hand in hand, cosmetic surgery is a product of society, but also a way to maintain beauty and agility.

Nowadays, cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular, precisely because it offers effective and accessible solutions to many dilemmas, not only medical, but also psychological and social. The fact that the demand for cosmetic surgery services is constantly growing shows that patients need these services, that there is a high degree of satisfaction of the beneficiaries of these medical interventions and that they are indispensable.

For older patients – the middle-aged and the elderly, cosmetic surgery is a way to keep the youthful appearance, to get rid of wrinkles, extra weight, bags under the eyes, ptotic eyelids, etc. The results contribute to the extension of the period of professional activity, bring the appreciation of the family and change the attitude towards life. Or, namely the positive attitude increases physical and mental activity, allows elderly patients to maintain their tone. Active social life plays an important role in increasing the quality of life, and a healthy psychosomatic means fewer chronic diseases – the main problem of the 21st century and the leading cause of death in the world.

Many patients, due to their unusual physical appearance (crooked ears, deformed nose, out-of-the-ordinary features, excessive weight), remain from childhood with psychological sequelae, due to peer harassment and lack of self-confidence. These problems are not a final verdict, most can be solved by plastic surgery, and once the result these people get rid of negative memories, emotions and feelings, without therapy and psychologist. In the case of children, this can be remedied from childhood, thus avoiding many problems that may arise later.

And all these benefits are available at decent prices. Cosmetic surgery is an increasingly affordable option, including in Moldova. From advanced techniques to modern preparations and well-appointed clinics, there are now all the conditions for anyone who wants to be able to turn to a plastic doctor to solve their problems once and for all.