Cellulite Free Forever Review

Having cellulite is probably one of worst nightmares for many women.

The bitter truth is that for some cellulite is not only a bad dream but a really terrible reality.

Getting rid of cellulite has been one long obsession for many generations considering the many advancements in technology available nowadays.

This is why a lot of cellulite fighting products and programs are coming out in the market – one of which is Cellulite Free Forever.

About Cellulite Free Forever

Cellulite Free Forever is actually an eBook by Nicole Rousseau, who is a former sufferer of a cellulite-filled body.

The eBook is mainly focused on the ways on how readers would lose their cellulite and eventually lose general fat and lose weight. The whole program runs for 12 weeks and promises a cellulite-free body in the end.


The program runs for 12 weeks, which can both be a pro and a con for some people.

It’s a pro since this means that it’s not one of those lose-weight-quickly-but-gain-it-quickly kinds of programs.

It acknowledges the fact that losing weight and getting a cellulite-free and toned body really does take time.

It does not teach you not to eat food, but it actually equips you with the skill of being able to choose foods that are right for you.

Hence, you still do eat during the program and don’t have to suffer from starvation, unlike what other diets do.

The foods that you’ll be eating would heighten your metabolism, which is good as it prevents further cellulite build-up and promotes the enhanced burning of body fat.

The program also detoxifies your body by cleansing your liver, which is great not only for losing weight but also for preventing other health conditions and improving your overall body function.

There’s no need to use creams, ointments or lotions that claim to remove cellulite, like what other cellulite-removing diets do.

The book comes with nine freebies/perks, namely: a body fat calculator; guides on erasing stretch marks; getting your dream guy, how to have style, celebrity beauty tips, and setting weight loss goals; recipes on fat loss & muscle gaining food and healthy breakfast smoothies; and lastly, an Honest Food Guide.


The 12-week length of the program can be an issue if you’re looking for something that would show you results within a short period of time.

It is also quite hard to undergo a diet for this long, since a lot of women lack the drive to do a diet program for more than 8 weeks.

The program lacks enough medical support and research to prove that the method is perfectly safe and effective.

It seems to be a bit pricey at forty-seven bucks.


There’s a lot of hot points to consider with this program but credibility would still be one of the top issues that you should consider.

The length of the program can also matter since it really depends on you whether you can handle and sustain the 12-weeks strict diet regimen prescribed by the program.