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4 Options for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Experiencing hair loss is difficult for any woman, but there is no need to feel alone! Many women experience hair loss for a myriad of reasons and the good news is that there are solutions. From supplementing your existing hair with extensions or wigs to treating underlying conditions that may contribute to hair loss, there are ways to help you feel your best again with a luxurious, full head of hair.  

Wigs & Hair Extensions

If you’re suffering from extreme hair loss, a wig can provide you the look you’ve been wishing for. You may have an image of wigs as itchy, uncomfortable, or unnatural, but wigs made of 100% real human hair or naturalistic synthetic fibers created by a master craftsman can look and feel like your own natural hair. A wig personalized with your choice of length, style, and hair color Westchester County NY, designed to be lightweight and comfortable at a salon that puts your comfort and privacy first, can work wonders. A good salon will provide a free consultation during which you can discuss your preferences or questions and get the information about wig care and maintenance you will need. Similarly, extensions can provide volume to thinning hair. All sorts of high-quality extension options are available that are reusable, painless, easy to apply and remove, and will not damage your hair. 

Hair Loss

Restoration of Hair & Hair Growth

Salons specializing in treating female hair loss will have ways to restore your existing hair or stimulate new growth. A process known as hair restoration grafts strands of 100% human to hair to your existing pieces, a strand at a time. The strands may be applied through the cold or hot fusion bonding method. Salons may also offer low-level light or laser therapy. This therapy focuses on stimulating new growth on your scalp by increasing circulation, adding nourishment, and ultimately slowing or stopping the progression of loss. This is a non-invasive and painless method, and both of these options are excellent for supplementing surgical hair restoration. 

Nutritional & Medical Treatments 

If you’re suffering from minor hair loss, you may also want to address your issue with medicinal or nutritional treatments. A salon may be able to help you find topical treatments, such as Minoxidil or Ketoconazole, that can help stimulate growth or treat underlying conditions such as scalp inflammation. A professional may also be able to help you identify nutritional supplements such as biotin, keratin, collagen, or iron that can help treat deficiencies contributing to thinning or loss. 

Hair loss is painful and frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of a professional, you can address your issue and find a solution that works for you.