1 Rep Fitness Review


The 1 Rep Fitness System was designed by Fabrice Rinaldi, a personal trainer, dietician, and bodybuilder.

This system is more suited for people who want to eliminate fat while building their muscles.

Primarily this program gives importance to muscle contraction over merely lifting heavy weights.

Therefore, it is not so much about the weight of the bar you are lifting but more about the forceful contraction of your muscles in order to achieve your desired muscle shape.

Other crucial aspects about this fitness program is having proper rest intervals, stimulating your muscle fibers, building lean muscles, reducing body fats, and customized cardio workouts.


1. Apart from strengthening your muscles, you can also lose more body fat if you learn to adapt proper rest periods while using this fitness program.

You will need the energy you acquire during rest period in between workout to fuel your next stage of workout and produce better results.

2. It emphasizes specific targeting of muscles to be worked out.

Therefore, it is not about heavy weights but being able to feel your muscles contract as you lift the weight. The program also emphasizes on one rep, thus the name of the program.

3. You can achieve an overall muscle improvement with the 1 Rep Fitness system.

In order to do this, you have to infuse variety into your set/rep schemes. This will help boost the type 1 fibers that will improve your endurance, and the type 2 fibers which are also referred to as power fibers.

4. You can usually burn more calories using the 1RF system since the workout method needs more energy.

5. It comes with a weight selection formula; therefore users will be able to determine the most suitable weight that they can use for trainings.

6. You will achieve a more holistic fitness result by employing a one repetition per set principle.

7. The use of relatively lighter weights builds the users confidence and encourages one to continue with the program.


1. This program does not work for everyone, especially people who are not exercise lovers or prefer minimum exercise.

2. Though you can lose weight following this program, it is more geared towards building muscles than weight loss since the primary focus is on fitness.


The 1 Rep Fitness System is a fairly good training program that can help you achieve results.

By doing one repetition per set you can manage your exercise routine without compromising your muscle workout.

And because you are not pushing your bodys limit due to its aversion of using extremely heavy weights, you have a better chance of continuing with this fitness program.

On the downside, this program is not popular compared to the other exercise training programs.